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"We'll leave the Light of Christ on for ya"

1962 - 1978 Raymond Prather

Rev. Prather came to the Tallula church February 1st, 1962. In 1965, he had the honor of being chosen Minister Of The Year In Town And Country of the Illinois and Wisconsin Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ). This honor not only reflected his work, but largely that of the churches he had served, including the present one.

1978 - 1982 Will Morris III

1982 - 1993 Charles Schoeninger

1993 - 2008 Wayne Meyer

2008 - 2011 Jon Bormann

Began ministry June of 2008

2011 - 2017 Dave Poeschel

Filled in as an interim pastor in 2011. Board voted to instill Dave as acting minister of the church and he began his ministry in late 2011