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"We'll leave the Light of Christ on for you"



Petersburg Observer August 30, 2017

Posted by tallulachristianchurch on October 4, 2017 at 10:45 AM
It seems we all survived the 2017 eclipse. I talked with some people who thought it was the most terrific thing they had ever witnessed. Some thought it was the turning point in their lives. Other believed it was the convergence of two terrific powers that would change them for the better or possibly for the worse. I believe as the moon orbited Earth, it moved between the sun and Earth. This caused the moon to block the light of the sun from reaching Earth. We call this an eclipse of the sun, or solar eclipse. During such a solar eclipse, the moon will cast a shadow onto Earth causing darkness. Many people have believed that events such as comets and eclipses bear warning of calamity or bad luck. The prophet Amos used the example of an eclipse to prophesy or predict trouble for the people of Israel. You can read about it in the bible book of Amos. No matter what the future holds we need only believe in God, his word and the promises he gives to care for his people. We believe in his promises and his word at Tallula Christian Church. We are first and foremost a church that worships the Lord, but also a church for the community. Each Friday we host a fellowship meeting for men of the area. It begins at 8am and goes until�?�There is always coffee and usually donuts, coffee cake or even cinnamon rolls or biscuits and gravy. Come join us and help solve the world�??s problems, at least for a day. We have set the date and you will want to save it. It is November 18 and it�??s the day of our annual Soup�??er-Chili Supper. It�??s always good food, so watch for additional news for this important day. Another fun and worshipful day is December 3. That�??s the day of our �??Hanging of the Greens service.�?? We decorate the church for Christmas and get ready to celebrate the Advent season working our way to celebrate the birth of Christ. Each Sunday we worship the Lord beginning at 9:30 with Sunday School and follow with worship service at 10:30. Come join us for a visit and stay to be family. We are easy to find just three beautiful blocks north of historic downtown Tallula at 311 North Yates. Come and worship with us, I�??m sure you�??ll be glad you did or my name isn�??t Dave Poeschel, Pastor and as I always say, �??We�??ll leave the light on for you, the light of Christ.�?�

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